Reinvented After 40 with Kym Showers | Your Best Investment

Did you know that the very best investment you can make in the second half of life is in you?

The last time I asked my husband, Jeff, for money was six years ago. It was for $18,000 to get certified as a coach. I was terrified to ask him for such a huge investment, but I haven’t had to ask him for anything since then. I’ve become my best investment, and I want to offer the idea that going all-in on yourself is the most important investment you can make.

Join me this week to hear why you are the best investment you can make in the second half of life. I’m sharing my journey of taking a chance on and investing in myself, why the return on investment has been extraordinary, and how you will create a life you are absolutely obsessed with when you do.

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  • Your very best investment in the second half of life.
  • Why you’ll get the highest return on your investment by investing in yourself.
  • How investing in myself has created amazing returns in all areas of my life.
  • Why you’ll create a life you’re obsessed with by investing in yourself.
  • What happens when you become your best investment.




I’m Kym Showers and this is Reinvented After 40, episode number 101, Your Best Investment.

Welcome to the Reinvented After 40 podcast. I am your host, Kym Showers, and I’m a certified life coach for women in the second half of life. Each week I’ll bring you direct advice and inspiring, practical wisdom to help you live your very best life and create a future you’re absolutely obsessed with. It’s going to be fun, let’s get started.

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So fill that out because you could, absolutely, you have such a good chance to win a pair of AirPods Pros so that you have those to listen to my podcast with when you’re out on your run or your walk or when you’re folding laundry, whatever you’re doing.

So anyways, welcome back, thanks for showing up today. It has been an incredible week. I’m actually recording this on early Thursday morning of my 100th podcast episode, when it was released. So it’s been a very exciting morning already for me. I get my grand girls, my precious great, amazing granddaughters, Goldie and Dolly today, so I’m getting ready for them. They just bring me so much joy. It’s so fun to be with them.

We went on a family vacation. We got home Monday, four nights, five days with my family at a beautiful, amazing lake house up in Bass Lake, California. You guys, it was stunning, we had the best time. We rented a boat every day and just spent our days on the lake. And you know how I tell you about my eating, how my eating is 80/20. So on my daily habits, I just eat pretty clean on a daily basis, 80% of the time is just clean food, lots of hydration, lots of greens, lots of protein. But on vacation I intentionally flip that.

So when I’m on vacation I kind of just eat vacation food and I’m just doing what everyone else is doing and just having the time of my life, such a good time. So every day we’d be on the lake and around noon we would call in or order from this darling little restaurant and this darling little, just a whole kind of little resort area on the lake and it’s called Millers Landing. And they have this little grill, this little cafe and they make the best cheeseburgers you’ve ever had and crinkly fries and onion rings and chocolate shakes. That’s what we had every day for lunch.

And then I was drinking white claws out on the lake, I probably had two or three a day and that was so fun. And then for dinner, we found this great little Mexican food restaurant, and I just went down there and picked up food every night for dinner. So I found this taco that they made called a guacamole taco and I had one of those every night and it was just so fun, so delicious, so great.

But I did bring my juicer up to vacation, you guys, I brought my kale, my celery, my lemons, my carrots, and I juiced every morning. So I had that going for me. So that was my 20% I called it, of goodness, at least I started my body with juice. And so it didn’t go into complete shock, it actually held up pretty well. And I got my sleep and we karaoke’d, I stayed up late one night, I stayed up till 11. And we karaoke’s and laughed and just had the best time. And my kids are actually really good singers, really good musicians. And so they’re super entertaining at karaoke and they’re very funny.

So we just had the best time, but I did sing a few songs on karaoke. I sang that Little Big Town song called Girl Crush and they all told me that I killed it. I sounded really good and I kind of believe them because they were all kind of shocked at it. So I decided I’m going to get my own karaoke machine. You guys, I’m going to do this, truly I’m going to do this and just practice at home and get really good for our next family vacation when we karaoke together.

So it has been a very, very good week this week, other things have happened. I want to tell you this other story, but first, before I do that, let’s just talk about the title of this podcast, Your Best Investment, your very best investment in the second half of life, your best return on this investment will always be you. You will always be your very best investment in the second half of life. If you’re going to invest in anyone or anything and want the highest return on your investment, it has to be you. You will always be the thing, the person that if you turn around and invest in yourself, that will be your best investment.

And I’m an example of that and I’m talking about your mental health, investing in your mental health, investing in your emotional health, investing in your physical health, this is what I’m talking about. So the last time I asked Jeff for money, for a good amount of money, was six years ago. It cost $18,000 to get certified at The Life Coach School, to become a certified life coach was $18,000 and back then that was a huge investment. That was a huge ask. I had never asked for money like that before.

I said, “Hey, I really want to go through this certification program and start my own business and it’s $18,000.” And I think he had to catch his breath for a minute. Of course, he said okay but I think it was just like, “Wow, okay, that’s a lot.” I was afraid to ask him but let me tell you guys something, that was six years ago and I haven’t asked him for anything since then. I have had the greatest return on that $18,000 that you can even imagine. This last 12 months I have created $150,000 in cash in the last 12 months in my business.

So this $18,000 that I invested in myself for my skills, for my own mental health, for my own emotional health really, and for my own physical health. I have created so much health in my life by investing that $18,000, for taking a chance on me. I have become my best investment. And since then everything I’ve created in my business, it just keeps growing. I told you, my very first 12 months in my business I created $12,000. And in my fifth year in business, I created $150,000.

So this is an incredible investment and not only financially, but mentally, emotionally, physically. I have done nothing but up-level, up-level, up-level. I can’t even remember the last time I got my feelings hurt. And six years ago, when I went into, when I found this business, this coaching, when I hired my first coach, when I went all in on getting certified, I used to get my feelings hurt all the time on the regular. I had so many expectations of my people in my life and they just were not living up to them.

So I just created a life in the last six years since I invested $18,000 in myself, I have created so much more in my life. And I can honestly tell you, my return on investment has been extraordinary in every single piece of my life. So I have a lot of clients right now who have told me when they invested $2500, and my price right now I have a little secret. I have four little spots that I keep open for one-on-one clients. For 10 weeks, I coach one-on-one clients for $5,000 and then I coach groups for 2500, so it’s a $2500 investment.

I have so many clients that said, “This is the first time I’ve ever invested this amount of money on myself and I had to ask my husband for it. And it was scary, it was hard to ask for it.” But I promise, I always tell my clients it’s the best investment you’ll ever make. You have to know you’re worth that. You have to know that you’re worth $2500. You have to know you’re worth $5,000. You have to know you’re worth $18,000. You have to know you’re worth an infinite amount of money, everything that you want to invest in yourself, you’re worth all of it.

So the money that I make in my business, I turn around and reinvest it in myself and in my business because I’m not here to just make $150,000 a year. I’m here to create a $1 million a year business. And so to keep growing, I turn around and invest everything back in my mindset, in my self-concept and in my business. I keep hiring, I keep putting myself in masterminds that up-level my concept, my self-concept, my self-love, my self-trust, my self-confidence.

So I keep growing that and expanding that which is what I have to do to become a $1 million earner, to become a $1 million life coach. And then right now I have invested so much in my business to create a better marketing strategy, to create a better experience for my clients.

So right now, yesterday I rehired my website designer and for the next eight weeks she and I are putting our heads together and we are creating something amazing for my clients only. So they will have a better experience in my program. They will have their own website that is filled with goodness, that only they have access to. And I am very excited about this.

And then of course, in my marketing strategy, we just created a new website so that all of you have a beautiful, vibrant, old, clear place to go to sign up for my group and for my retreat. So I invest a lot of my money in my retreat. So I’m creating this experience for my clients so that they can grow their self-concept, so that they can up-level their lives, so that they know that they’re worthy of any amount of money they want to invest in themselves.

So you will always be your best investment. When we were raising our kids we didn’t even hesitate to invest in our kids, whatever they needed. We sent our kids to private schools for heaven sakes. We spent more than $18,000 a year on their elementary school. We didn’t bat an eye, we were like, “Yeah, let’s do it.” Because we sent them to private schools. Then we sent them to college. We didn’t bat an eye at that. But we are so hesitant to invest that kind of money in our own education, in our own growth, in our own expansion for the second half of life.

And I’m telling you, your return on investment will be extraordinary, will be so substantial, will absolutely blow your mind if you go all in on you for the rest of your life. Make yourself your most powerful, most important investment. Stop putting everybody else ahead of you and put yourself first. You will create a life you are absolutely obsessed with, I promise you. And that will have the most influence on the people you love the most.

You get to be the example of what’s possible for them, a healthy, vibrant, beautiful woman filled with joy, filled with self-confidence, filled with self-love, filled with self-trust. A woman who shows up as her best every single day, no matter what the circumstances are. That’s what happens when you become your most valuable asset, when you become your best investment.

I have been keeping my eye on Taylor Swift, I’m sure you have too. I mean, there is no denying her right now, she is running things. She is running the world. I can’t imagine if she said no to herself, if she didn’t invest in herself, she wouldn’t be where she is. She wouldn’t be creating all this value for the world. Her Eras tour and her attitude and the level of energy she is pouring out for all of us right now is extraordinary, it’s almost beyond the words what she has said yes to. What if she would have said, “No, I don’t want to work that hard. No, I don’t think I’m that good. No, it’s not going to be worth it.” What in the world?

So I am borrowing every ounce of energy from her right now, if she can do this. And this is something that is called the compound effect. She started when she was 15 and even before that. But when she was 15 is when I found her. And now she keeps remaking these albums so that they can legitimately become her own. And then she decided to do this tour where she sings, I don’t know almost 50 songs a night and puts out this optimism in the world, this positivity in the world. I think she might be 33 years old. That’s what my guess is.

And she’s been nothing but generous to all the people who work for her. I’m just so attentive to what she’s doing and the level of goodness, the level of commitment that she has to her craft and to her fans and she keeps growing her fan base. She’s undeniable. She’s not afraid to do what she’s doing or she’s afraid, of course, but that level of energy and that level of output. It keeps expanding. She keeps adding on concert dates. She’s not saying no, she’s saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

So I’m borrowing that from her, you guys, at 62 I’m like I have nothing to lose. I mean, why not put out that kind of goodness out in the world? Everything I’m capable of, I’m just like, yes, yes, yes, let’s do it. So that’s what I’m doing. Every ounce of money that I earn in my business, I’m putting it back into my business. I’m just going to be yes, yes, yes, yes for the next 10 years, yes, yes, yes. I have nothing to lose. I’m going to be operating at the highest possible level I can operate.

I’m going to take extra good care of my mental health. I’m going to take extra good care of my emotional health. I’m going to take extra good care of my physical health. And I’m going to operate at a level that I’ve never operated before. I’m so committed to this next 100 episodes of this podcast. These next 100 weeks I’m going to be performing at optimal level and I’m borrowing from Taylor Swift because why not? She’s half my age, but so what, I don’t care. Let me be an example of this at 62.

I just want to work that hard. I want to operate at that kind of level. I’m going to see what’s possible for me and possible for my clients. I’m going to up-level everybody that wants to be up-leveled, everybody that pays me money, I’m going to be like, “Yeah, I’m going to help you.” And if you’re willing to go all in on yourself and invest in yourself, 100%, 1,000%, a billion percent, I’m going to invest all of that, not only in me, but in you too. If you’re willing to do the work, I’m going to help you get wherever you want to go. And I’m going to be the example of that all the way through.

You will always be your best investment in the second half of life, my friend, believe me. And I am my best investment. I will never ask anybody for money ever again, I’m going to create my own. I’m going to create it all for myself. And if you want to join in this tour, in the Kym Showers Life Coach Eras Tour where we’re just doubling down, tripling down on everything, we’re not afraid to do the work. My thought is I want to work that hard. I want to think less and I want to work harder.

Because that’s what I have found with women in the second half of life, we have this sneaky little thought of, I don’t want to work that hard. Then I’m like, “Why the heck not?” Let’s work that hard. Why not create something amazing for ourselves in the second half of life? Let’s let Taylor Swift be the example for us, she’s working hard. She’s not only doing a tour, I mean putting out all the amazing energy on the stage and packing out stadiums, it’s incredible. She’s breaking all kinds of records, but she’s also in the meantime, re-recording records and surprising us with those.

And it’s just making the world such a more vibrant, energetic, optimistic place and I want to be a part of all of that. So I want you to be a part of it too. If you’re listening to this podcast I know that you’re kind of curious. I know that you’re kind of on the fence if you’re not already my client, you know what I’m talking about. You show up every week, you’re like, “Yeah, that’s the best investment I ever made.”

So I just onboarded a new client yesterday from Australia. She’s so amazing. I now have officially two Australian clients. My new client’s name is Kylie and I thought Kylie found out about me through [inaudible] my other Australian client. But when I met with Kylie yesterday in our one-on-one, I was like, “Hey, did you hear about me through my other Australian client?” She goes, “No, I’ve been listening to your podcast. I’m following along with you for a long time, and I’ve been on the fence and I was just like, “You know what? I’m in. I’ve got to make the decision.””

And she just came in out of the blue seemingly out of nowhere. But I know you guys are out there listening and you’re on the fence. And I want you to know for sure you are your best investment. It is so worth the money. And if you’re on the fence right now, let me just pop you over. If you have been a client of mine in the past, you’ve got to get in my September alumni group, go all in, invest in yourself again and get in this group because we are on fire. You are going to be able to experience my new client only website in eight weeks, it will be full of goodness.

You will get to experience, especially if you buy right now, you’re going to get my bonus workshop this month. You’ll get a one-on-one session with me this month before the group starts. So you get some bonuses just by joining ahead of time. And then that’s my next group in September. My very last group for 2023 is my October group, starts October 4th. So if you’re a new client, that will be the only time that you get to work with me in this year and come to my retreat in November.

So if you’re on the fence, get in my October group. If you’re brand new because that will be the last time you will get to work with me this year and January 1st, my pricing goes up. So you get this amazing value, my amazing offer of $2500. The retreat alone is worth $2500, I promise you you’re going to get so much value. You’re going to expand your self-concept. You’re going to grow your capacity to create so much more money, so much more value in your life.

You’re going to grow your mental strength, your emotional strength and your physical strength just by putting yourself in this group. So if you’ve worked with me before, get in my September group. If you haven’t worked with me before and you’re on the fence, get in my October group. And just up-level every single thing about you because you are worth, every single penny that you invest in yourself you will create so much more money in your life, $2500 will seem like nothing to you. It just takes such a shift in your mindset.

So come and join my next two groups for 2023, that will be your last chance to work with me this year. Hop off the fence and go all in on you. It will be so worth it, my friend, I promise you. You will be so glad you did. And your only regret will be that you waited this long.

Okay, I love you. I hope you are having an extraordinary week. Know for sure that you will always be your best investment. Stop investing in everything and everybody else and turn it around and invest everything in you and create anything you want in your life. It will be the best decision you ever made, I promise you.

Okay, I love you guys, don’t forget to enter my 100th podcast episode giveaway to win your AirPods. I’ll announce the winners in two weeks, so you only have two weeks to enter, so go enter, it’s just super easy and simple and I hope you win. I want you to win and have the best week and I will see you next Thursday.

If you love this podcast, I invite you to come work with me. Go to, sign up for my next group and retreat, and let’s create your dream life together.


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