Reinvented After 40 with Kym Showers | Stay Ready

For better or for worse, the world doesn’t expect a whole lot from women in the second half of life. The model we’re given is one where we’re supporting everyone else in our lives until we wind down to die. The bar is set so low for us, which only leads to a ho-hum life, and that’s why we need the ambition of stay-ready energy.

Stay-ready energy is all about raising the bar and normalizing whatever it is you want. Want to become a world traveler? Stay ready. Want to become the fittest version of yourself ever? Stay ready. There is always a way to stay ready for the opportunities that are right around the corner, and I’m showing you how on this episode.

Listen in this week to learn what it means to stay ready and how to cultivate stay-ready energy. I’m showing you the benefits I’ve experienced from always being ready for the things I want, what happens when you feel ambitious, and the power of showing up for yourself every single day. 

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  • What it means to stay ready.
  • Why I believe women in the second half of life need ambition.
  • How staying ready saves you time, mental frustration, and anxiety.
  • The benefits I’ve experienced from believing the universe is constantly conspiring in my favor.
  • How being ready fills my life up with opportunities I could never have imagined.
  • Why showing up for yourself every day is the greatest gift of all.




I am Kym Showers and this is Reinvented After 40, episode number 146, Stay Ready. Welcome to the Reinvented After 40 podcast. I am your host, Kym Showers, and I’m a certified life coach for women in the second half of life. Each week I’ll bring you direct advice and inspiring, practical wisdom to help you live your very best life and create a future you’re absolutely obsessed with. It’s going to be fun, let’s get started.

Hello my friends in podcast land. Oh my gosh, this is the week I get to go to Hawaii and you will be listening to this on the end of our trip. That’s how I live my life. I’m always working ahead and it has served me so well. I’m always ready for every opportunity that comes my way and I’m going to tell you today how to do that for you.

Listen, first of all, I want to tell you that when you stay ready, it saves so much time and mental frustration, mental anxiety because you’re not rushing at the last minute to get ready because you’re already ready. That’s the beauty of staying ready. And staying ready looks like having really good, solid habits. It looks like having a clear idea of where you’re headed. It looks like knowing exactly what you want in life.

So, you know how 100% I believe that the universe is constantly conspiring in my favor and in your favor. And so, it’s kind of listening to us and just has everything we could ever want and ever need. And looking at the way that we’re showing up to our life to decide what it is that it’s going to provide for us, what doors it’s going to open for us, what it’s going to actually deliver sometimes on a platter to us. So, 100% the universe is conspiring in our favor.

So, it’s really important that if your brain doesn’t offer you that thought that actually your life is for you and everything’s available to you and whatever you want, you can actually have and create for yourself. Then you’re going to have a really hard time staying ready because you’re going to believe the self-doubt of your brain every single day. My brain totally offers me self-doubt, so don’t think it doesn’t, 100% it does. But because of this mindset work, I am so aware of it and it’s totally not a problem for me. I don’t even believe my brain 99% of the time anymore.

I’m so good at overriding it and staying on course. And when I say staying on course, I’m talking to you about staying ready. I am top of my game at all times ready for the next big opportunity that I’m really wanting. Which means the next big dream that I have completely in my mind and in my future that I know the universe is going to offer me when I am headed in that direction on purpose. And I’m thinking thoughts and showing up to my life every day and taking action towards that thing. That means I’m staying ready.

I never have to just say no when they’re on a platter for me, no, I’m not ready for that or no, I don’t feel like it or give me some time. I never have to do that because my answer is yes, because I know it’s the thing that I am ready for, I’m working for. So, so many opportunities come my way because of the way that I think, because of the way that I feel, because of the actions that I take every day. I’m always ready. So, my life fills up with so much goodness and abundance.

And the next version of me is just right around the corner and I’m ready for her because of my habits every single day, my thought habits, my feeling habits and my physical habits, my routine and my disciplines. So, another piece of this puzzle, you guys, is that fortunately and unfortunately, the world doesn’t expect a whole lot from 63 year old women, really. So, the model we’ve been given is that at 63 we are kind of just putting our feet up, we’re just supporting everyone else.

Hey, and I’m not saying this isn’t happening at 43, 53, 63, 73. This is the woman’s basic role for my generation of women. So, I haven’t been given a whole lot of examples of women my age who are living with very high expectations of themselves because the bar is so low. We’re just supposed to chill and support for the rest of our lives until we die. We literally are kind of winding down to die.

Maybe play pickleball, hey, and I love pickleball. I’m all in on pickleball, but pickleball cannot be the reason that I get up every morning, it just can’t be. It can be a part of the reason I get up every morning, but there has to be more than that because that’s going to wear out too. I just want you to know, in this season of life I want us to raise the bar. I’m going to normalize young energy out of 63 year old women. I want to normalize self-discipline as a 63 year old woman. I want to normalize under-drinking alcohol or no alcohol as a 63 year old woman.

I want to normalize a really muscular, strong, fit body as a 63 year old woman because when you develop the discipline so that you feel super good every single day, you’re very disciplined about the things that matter the most to you. You do not beat yourself up mentally and emotionally for not showing up for yourself. That’s discipline, discipline of the mind, discipline of emotions. This is where I can completely help you. This is what I’m a genius at and I keep getting stronger and better at that every day.

And I want you to get stronger and better at that every day so that you can stay ready for what you really want. If you want to become a world traveler, there is a way to stay ready for that when the opportunity comes along to say yes to that. A lot of times it’s mental and emotional fitness that you need to practice the most.

A lot of times it’s physical fitness that you need to practice the most so that you feel good because one thing leads to the other. If one thing doesn’t feel good, then you start taking medicines for that and then that has side-effects, then you start feeling bad about that and then you have to stop exercising. And then you start overeating and then you start over-drinking and it’s just this tumble down the hill in the very wrong direction.

So, I just want to clean all of that up for all of us and normalize, very focused, very disciplined, very happy, very vibrant, young energy, 63 year old women who are ready to say yes to every single thing that they want. That’s me. That’s you. If you’re 43, if you’re 53, if you’re 63, if you’re 73, even if you’re 33. I have a lot of young ones listening to me. And I love this so much because you cannot start this too early.

The skill to manage your mind and emotions and to discipline your body and to fall in love with yourself and to show up for yourself every single day and do exactly what you said you were going to do. Oh my gosh, I think you are giving yourself the best gift of all when you just simply do what you say you’re going to do. And when you are so kind to yourself in your head and so gentle with yourself and so forgiving, but also very disciplined and speak honestly and directly to yourself so that you don’t make excuses and stay stuck in a life that you don’t love, that you’re not thriving in, because you guys, it’s so possible.

So even when you hit bumps in the road, expect that, that isn’t a problem. And in fact, I read this thing this week, but what if we just fell in love with problems and problems were not an issue for us anymore or something to avoid to be afraid of. We just became really good problem solvers and even ran towards them and we just fell in love with problems. Because problems are inevitable and our brain loves to solve problems. And kind of the downside of our brain is our brain loves to look for problems to solve.

So, our brain really wants to drum up problems because it thinks that just is going to keep us the safest is if we’re just aware and thinking about all the problems in our life at all times. So, I’m just saying, okay, let’s just play that game. Let’s just fall in love with our problems and not make them a big deal at all and just little bumps in the road that we can completely handle.

When I was at Orangetheory this morning, you guys, I’ve built so much muscle in my body because I can lift heavier weights. I just keep lifting heavier and heavier and heavier weights. And I equalize that to problems in our life. And if you’re struggling with problems that you used to struggle with, I want to challenge you with that. I want you to just take yourself out of your life and look at you like you’re watching a movie. And I want you just to question the so-called problems that you’re struggling with that maybe you were struggling with 10 years ago.

I am definitely not problem solving the same problems that I was problem solving 10 years ago. I am a totally different person than I was 10 years ago because I have changed my thinking. I’ve changed the way that I feel my feelings. I’ve changed the way that I show up in my life. I’ve changed my self-concept. I’ve grown my self-confidence. I’m so much braver, the things that used to bother me do not bother me anymore.

That’s what it looks like to be a woman who is growing and evolving and changing on purpose and doing it. Because instead of running away from something, I’m running towards something else, something that looks like a dream, something beautiful, something worth getting up and being excited about every single day. And I want to encourage you with this energy, this stay ready energy. I want you to normalize, whatever it is that you want, I want you to normalize that thing. It isn’t too much. It is normal for you to want that and to create that and to live into that thing that you want.

And you can 100% create it because you’re supposed to want that. That’s why you’re here. We are supposed to create in our life, our dreams, our wants, our wishes, our longings. That’s why we’re here on Earth, to create that and to grow in that direction. We have to have a reason in the second half of life to get up and get moving and get to work every single day. We have to have a reason or we’re going to live a very ho hum life for the rest of our life, which I believe is such a waste.

I think the bar should be very high for women in the second half of life so that we have a reason to get up every day and we normalize all of our ambitions. We should have ambition. Ambition is so good for us, it keeps us ahead of our life. It keeps us on top of our life. Our life isn’t just happening to us. We are actually happening to our life.

And when you see women in the second half of life who are thriving, who are healthy, who are happy, who are talking about their problems, who are actually creating really magical things in the world. I’m telling you, that’s a woman who keeps herself ready, who is staying ready so she’s not scrambling around getting ready at the last minute. Or someone who always has to say no to the things she really wants because she’s not ready for them yet.

So, I want you to know the universe is going to deliver everything to you, that you’re ready for. So, our only job is to stay ready, my friend. And it isn’t that hard, it just takes discipline. It takes focus. It takes clarity. It takes commitment. It takes consistency. And once you’re in the flow of those things, you are ready for everything that you want, and it will come your way. You will open the door, there will be a doorway that you get to walk through and what you want will be the new normal. You’ll be living into that, I, 100% guarantee that, my friend for you.

So that’s my thought for you today. I’m just offering you all of this good energy. I want you to tap into it and re-discipline, rethink your life, re-discipline your habits and it will change everything for you. And I would love for you to come, it’s not too late, let’s see. You’re going to be listening to this on the last Thursday of June. You still have time. My next group starts July 9th. It’s Tuesday mornings, nine o’clock California time. It’s still very small. You’ll get so much goodness. You’ll meet with me every single week. We will work in your life.

You will love the group because you’ll feel so much less alone. You’ll just come along and stay in this stay ready energy with me. I will raise the bar for you and help you create the disciplines in your life that you need, to create the exact things in your life that you want. And I’ll teach you how to stay ready. I’m a genius at it and I want you to become a genius at it too. I don’t want your brain to talk to you out of it.

I want you to get very familiar with your thoughts, your feelings, your actions so that you can up-level them every single day moving forward. And I’ll stay with you through the end of the year when you join that group. You’ll finish 2024 in a way that you didn’t think was possible. You’ll clean up all of the relationship struggles that you’re struggling with right now. I’ll help you see them so differently, especially the relationship with yourself. Alright, I love you. Have the best week and I will talk to you next Thursday.

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