I am 100% certain that you, my friend, are the lucky one. I am too. I feel like the luckiest woman in the second half of life every single day, and if you don’t currently feel like you’re the lucky one or question how to feel that way, I invite you to pay close attention to what I have to offer you today.

The most powerful way to change your thoughts about yourself and the way you live your life is to gain awareness of how you’re thinking and feeling. If you’re not on the path to living your dream life, you get to change that if you want to. And this week, I’m showing you what’s possible when you show up to your life believing you’re the lucky one. 

Listen in this week to discover how you have everything within your reach to create the life of your dreams, and why I know you’re the lucky one. I’m showing you the power of purposefully deciding you’re the lucky one, and what can happen when you create your life from that energy. 

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  • Why I believe good things happen to me.
  • How I know you’re the lucky one.
  • Why showing up believing you’re the lucky one is so powerful. 
  • The habits I live by that make me feel like the lucky one every single day.
  • What happens when you create your life from the energy of believing you’re the lucky one.




I am Kym Showers, and this is Reinvented After 40, episode number 89: You’re The Lucky One.

Hey, friends. Welcome to Reinvented After 40, a podcast for all you women in the second half of life who are ready to take responsibility for your own well-being and create a life you love living.

I’m your host, Kym Showers, and after spending the first 40 years of my life people-pleasing and following all the rules, I was exhausted and ready for a change. I reinvented myself. I stopped outsourcing my happiness. And I’ve been brave enough to live a different kind of life.

I’ll be here each week to help you do the same thing. It’s going to be fun. Let’s go.

Hey my friends, welcome back to the show. Oh, my gosh, I’m so excited to talk to you this morning. I want to remind you 100%, I’m 100% certain and sure that you my friend are the lucky one, I am too. I am so lucky. And if you don’t feel like you’re the lucky one, if you’re questioning that, I just really want you to pay attention to what I have to say to you this morning. I want you to see how powerful this thought is that I’m the lucky one and you’re the lucky one. And then I want you to get to work finding evidence that that is absolutely true.

If you’re listening to this podcast, you already are the lucky one. You have so much goodness in your life. You have so many opportunities. If you are a woman you are the lucky one my friend. If you are a woman in the second half of life you are the luckiest one of all. This is everything. Let’s talk about Martha Steward for a minute. For sure Martha Stewart is the lucky one. And she would 100% agree with me on that. She’s 81 years old, you guys and she’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine, the swimsuit edition.

And I am thrilled about that. I think it’s so magnificent. I am super proud of her and I can’t wait to be 81 because she makes 81 look so lucky, look so good, look so fun, look like everything is possible for me and for you. She is on the cover and the oldest woman ever on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. And I just want you to see what’s possible for all of us. I am only 62 years old. I am so lucky to be 62 right now and have so much to look forward to.

That’s all I think about, is everything that I’m creating today and everything that I’m creating for the next week and then for the next year and for the next five years and for the next 10 years. So much goodness I have planned. And I don’t know the how that I’m going to do it but I do know that it’s going to be beyond my wildest dreams because I’m the lucky one. Every good thing happens to me because of the way I think about life and the way that I receive life and the way that I move through life.

And all of the hard work that I put in and the optimistic thoughts that I think on purpose. And you’re the lucky one because of all the goodness you put out in the world every day and because of the way that you’re working so hard to make changes in your life that benefit everybody in the world. You are already the lucky one. You don’t even need any more luck, it’s already here for you and you’re just taking advantage of it. We’re both the lucky ones. This is so powerful to think and live like this and to show up this way every single day. All good things happen to us lucky ones.

So there are certain things that I do not talk about. If someone wants to talk about politics I just say, “ I don’t want to talk about that.” And I’ll change the subject on the spot. And so most people don’t even bring up politics around me because they know I’m not going to talk about it. I’m so uninterested. That is so boring to me. I don’t talk about the things that are going ‘wrong in the world’. I just don’t talk about that. I don’t talk about the news. I don’t read the news. I don’t watch the news. I don’t talk about that.

I say, anyone that brings up something, “Don’t tell me that. I don’t want to talk about that. Let’s talk about something good.” So on Mother’s Day, I love being around my family. I didn’t get to be with my kids on Mother’s Day. My son’s coming up this weekend and we’re going to have a great weekend. And we went out to dinner with my daughter and her family the night before and that was so fun. But on Mother’s Day itself my sister invited me and Jeff over for brunch. My brother-in-law made us a beautiful brunch.

And I went and got a dozen maple bars to take with us and some Vu champagne to take with us. So we had scramble and we had maple bars which is my favorite donut and Vu champagne which is my favorite as well. And we just sat around the table. My nephew, Walker, who is our real estate agent, our realtor that I’m always telling you guys about. But he was telling me about his flying lessons that he’s taking. He’s taking flying lessons. These are the things I want to talk about. He also told me that he is thinking about taking sailing lessons. I love this.

These are the topic of conversations I want to talk about. I told him about my retreat, what a success that was and about the changes that my clients experienced over the weekend. And the changes that I experienced and where my business is headed and how my life has been so upleveled because of it. When I’m with my sister and my kids and my nephew we’re just talking about specific things that we’re working on. And my sister is a big traveler now. So she’s just telling us about her next trip and thinking about her next trip and what’s going on.

We’re just very specific about our conversations. I love nothing better than talking about what we’re creating for the future. That’s my favorite topic of conversation. That’s why I love this podcast so much, because I’m just not going to sit and listen to a bunch of complaints. And I tell you that because I want you to notice if you’re doing this. If you are just kind of unconsciously doing this. If you’re so used to circling up with people and think that it’s necessary to talk about what is going wrong in the world or talk about politics or talk about the things that are wrong with you in your life.

I don’t even indulge in any of those kind of conversations. They are so pointless. They’re actually so harmful. They’re not benefiting anyone. There is enough people doing that. I will certainly not contribute to the bucket of that, the bucket of negativity. So I want you to think about that and notice that and what if you did have the attitude? What if you just changed your attitude, you decided right this minute, I’m going to change my attitude to be the lucky one. I’m going to talk about all the goodness going in the world.

I’m going to talk about all the things that I want to create for myself. I’m going to let go of the things that I’m worrying about. I’m going to let all that go. I can just let those thoughts go because they’re just thoughts. And maybe bad habits that I’ve gotten into, talking about the ways that I am not lucky and that the world isn’t lucky and that certain people aren’t unlucky. And we just kind of dug ourselves a hole, this is the negative vibe that I’m living in. What if you just decided once and for all today, right this second, if you’re driving in a car, if you’re running on the beach, if you’re doing your dishes with your AirPods in.

What if you just decided right now, I’m going to be the lucky one. Kym Showers says I’m the lucky one. What if I just decided to believe that once and for all and started to create my life from that energy, from that thought. And I just decided every day to show up as the lucky one. I love my life. I get to love my life if I decide to. And once you start loving your life and noticing all the good offerings that your life has brought you, you for sure show up to your life as the lucky one, as the luckiest woman on the planet every single day, every single day, every single day.

There are no bad days for the lucky one. I have no bad days. I decide every single day to show up as though it’s my birthday. This is the day. This is the luckiest day of all. I get to create that. I create it first in my head, in my mind. I get my head straight every single day. That’s why I work out every single day. My head gets straight in that hour when I am just working so hard and creating all the juices in my brain that my brain needs to operate as the lucky one all day long. This is the energy I bring to my day every single day.

This morning I got up at four and I made my beautiful cappuccino. And I posted my post on Instagram. And then I went to the five o’clock Orangetheory class. And I sweated my guts out. And I wore a really cute outfit. That’s my new thing too, is just to wear really cute clothes every day, which if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you guys have to follow me on Instagram, Kym Showers Life Coach on Instagram because I give so much good content. And now I’m giving you even style ideas, because this is what I’ve decided. Being stylish is so much fun and it’s very useful to be stylish.

It makes me feel very powerful when I dress in a way where I just show up as my highest self. So I’ve been showing you these new outfits that I’ve been curating, thoughtfully curating, this new style that I love so much. And I want to help you develop your new style. So I want you to follow me on Instagram if you do not follow me on Instagram because I post nearly seven days a week. And it’s always goodness, it’s always encouraging, inspiring, motivating.

So definitely follow me and share it with anyone in your life that wants to feel like the lucky one, that is always complaining and thinking that she’s not the lucky one. I want you to share my content with her so maybe she can change her mind about herself and her life too like we are. So this is why you’re listening to my podcast, because you want to change your mind. So back to going to Orangetheory this morning at five o’clock. So now I have these really cute little workout outfits that I wear. And I just feel super strong in them.

And I love going to work out feeling my best, bringing all the energy to my workout and just going 100% all in. And so I like looking cute because we’re looking in the mirror for the whole hour because they have mirrors everywhere. You have to look at yourself. So when you look at yourself I want you to feel your best. I want you to think thoughts like I love you, I am so proud of you, you are the lucky one, you’re a badass. So I like to tell myself these things.

And so I did that this morning, got home at six and I showered. Today was hair washing day because I’m going to a party tonight. And then I am sitting down here talking to you guys. So I have these habits that are so good and so helpful and so useful. And every single day I decide is going to be the best day ever and I make it the best day ever. And I used to think that maybe there were bad days because my coach was saying life is 50/50. Half the time you’re going to feel bad, half the time, not every day is going to be a good day.

But now I’m questioning that. I’m like, “Well, I don’t know. So far every day has been a really good day.” Because I just make it a really good day. Because I’m the lucky one, I know how to do that if I want to. Even when I’m tired, even if I’m disappointed, I can carry those feelings with me and still make it an amazing day, a brilliant day, a best day. And I just love going to bed every night so excited about the next day. And I do, that’s what I decide. I’m like I’m going to get the best night’s sleep tonight. And I’m going to wake up early. And tomorrow’s going to be magical.

This is the way I think on purpose and it works. And I want you to know you can change your thoughts about yourself and the way that you live your life. And the most powerful way to do that is to first of all get some awareness around what you are thinking and how you do feel most days. What are your top three feelings every day? Get some awareness around that first and then know I can start changing that if I want to. Kym says that maybe I am the lucky one and maybe there are no bad days. What if I just acted like today was my birthday and I was going to receive it as such?

It’s a great day if I want it to be. There are definitely people that are resistant to this kind of talk, I know. I know it. I know people roll their eyes at me sometimes and I’m totally great with that. I totally get it. But I just decided, I am just going to be honest with you and tell you that I have really good energy all day every day because I want to. And so I create it for myself so that is possible for you, if you’re someone that wants to live like that. And I just keep figuring out what is in my way of getting what I want, the dream life?

So I’m already living my dream life. I’m so happy. I’m so content. I love where I am. And also I have big plans for tomorrow, for next week, for next year and the next 10 years, by the time I’m 72. I’m going to be a totally different person at 72. I might even be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine when I’m 72, who knows.

My new ‘friend’ who I don’t know in real life but I think I might know her one day in real life because that’s how I think about things. But Leanne Morgan, who is a standup comedian. And if you haven’t watched her, I am giving her another plug, Netflix special, you have to watch her. She is so funny. I watch a little bit of her every night before I go to bed because she just lightens everything. I just love going to bed just laughing and just thinking about something funny she said.

But right now so she’s been a standup comedian traveling around America for 10 years speaking on little stages, making people laugh. She’s 58 years old, 57 years old. She’s in the second half of life. She is definitely the lucky one. She makes people laugh. Do you know how hard that is to do what she does? And she makes it look so easy. She’s a standup comedian and a woman in the second half of life. And then she got a Netflix special after 10 years of traveling around and doing little, tiny theaters, just little theaters and just making people laugh.

And now she has a Netflix special. And then after the Netflix special, Reese Witherspoon found her and she hired her to be in her next movie, playing her big sister. So Leanne Morgan couldn’t even imagine this was going to happen. She just kept doing the thing that she was called to do that she loved doing, which was making people laugh and doing the hard work of creating her content and taking risks and being willing to make people mad at her and make people uncomfortable.

The things that she says, you have to be so brave to be a standup comedian. And she’s so brave. She couldn’t have imagined that she was going to be in a Reese Witherspoon movie playing Reese Witherspoon’s older sister. When she started doing this she had no idea this was all going to happen. But these things happen.

Martha Stewart had no idea at 81 she was going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. And she is, this is what happens. We’re the lucky ones. All these things happen when we do the thing we’re called to do, when we do the thing we want to do, when we create the dream that’s inside of us. We’re the lucky ones because we know this now. So we know the habits that create a really good life for ourselves. Our habits are creating our lives.

And I talk about my habits all the time you guys. And I’m always reminding my clients of my habits and showing them how it’s their habits that are getting in the way of them creating a life that they absolutely love. And so we start creating new habits for them and getting rid of old habits that in their way that they couldn’t see that that was the problem for them. They were just accepting they’re just not as disciplined as I am. But it’s not that. It’s a thought that was in the way, a thought habit that was in the way that they just didn’t see that they had the power all along. It’s always been inside of them.

So I just keep showing my clients they are the lucky one, they have everything that they need. They’re brilliant. They’re beautiful. They’re stunning. They’re powerful in their own life. But mostly they’re just afraid and they think because they’re afraid that they can’t show up in a way that they really want to show up in. But I’m just like, “We do it scared. Us lucky ones we show up before we’re ready and we do it all scared.” And we just put our work out into the world. And we’re willing to make people uncomfortable and we’re willing to disappoint people because that’s what it’s going to take.

We have to drop a lot of people in our lives sometimes. Sometimes we have to quit a job. Sometimes we have to move out of town. Sometimes we have to leave friendships. Sometimes we even have to leave marriages sometimes to create the life we’re meant to live on this planet. We’re not here to live anyone else’s life. We’re not here to make anyone else happy and make anyone else comfortable. That’s an old way of thinking. That does not work anymore.

If you’re a woman in the second half of life right now here today and you’re listening to this, man, you’re the lucky one for sure. You have everything within your reach to create the exact life you want to live. You just have to take the first step and then the second and third and fourth. And you have to be brave enough and you have to think the thought, I’m the lucky one. And then get to work proving that thought true. I prove it true every single day. I’m the luckiest woman on the planet. I think that every single day. And then my life shows up that way. I show up that way.

So I keep upleveling my life. I keep upleveling my habits, my style, my mindset, my money mindset, everything keeps upleveling. I’m just scratching the surface. I’m just getting started and you guys know that. You’re just scratching the surface. You’re just getting started. There’s never been a better time to be a woman in this world in the second half of life. So it’s up to us to be the example of all the goodness, all the fun. So let’s get to work, today is the day. You’re the one, today is the day, let’s go. Let’s go.

Be the lucky one, create all the goodness in your life, clean up your habits. Stop eating crap. Stop thinking crap thoughts. Think good thoughts. Think powerful thoughts. Take responsibility for the way you show up every single day to your life. Show up as if you’re the lucky one and today is your birthday. It’s so fun to live this way and it’s so possible for you.

Okay, that’s what I have for you today. I know it was encouraging, inspiring, motivating for you. Remember, you become who you surround yourself with. So you have to be in rooms, in groups of women who are doing big things and thinking big thoughts. The only difference between me and let’s say, Oprah Winfrey. She thinks different thoughts than I do. And so I want to find out what she’s thinking. The only difference between you and me is I think different thoughts than you do.

So you’ve got to tap into what I’m thinking. That’s why you’re listening to this podcast, these are my thoughts. This is the way that I live. I’m just going to be an example for you. Borrow anything that sounds interesting, anything that you’re curious about. What if you did try on some new thoughts and you did believe that you are the lucky one? In fact after all, you are the lucky one and you just stopped complaining, you decided I’m never going to complain again. And I’m not going to complain about other people, which is just basically gossip.

I’m never going to do that again. Just drop all of that nonsense and wasted energy from your life and you just zeroed in on you and what you’re going to create. What difference you’re going to make in your life today and then tomorrow, you’re going to clean it all up and get more rest, more good sleep, get better nutrition. Make choices that are going to benefit you today and your future self is going to thank you for it tomorrow. That’s the way that I live. That’s the way that I think. I am for sure the luckiest woman on the planet and so are you.

Alright, I love you so much, have the luckiest week, I know you will and I will see you next Thursday.

Thanks for listening to Reinvented After 40. If you want more information or resources from the podcast, please visit KymShowersLifeCoach.com.


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