Reinvented After 40 with Kym Showers | The Great Unknown

The unknown is probably the biggest thing our brains are afraid of in the second half of life. We all want to feel safe and secure, which means knowing exactly what to expect. However, what I’m selling you on this week is that the great unknown is so much more fun and thrilling than attempting to have control. 

Now that I’ve been coaching for the last six years, I know that anything the universe delivers us is better than anything we can come up with on our own. I’ve learned to release all attachments to how things are supposed to play out in my life, and I want to invite you to walk bravely into the unknown too.

Join me this week to hear how I like thinking about the great unknown. I’m showing you the benefit of believing the universe is always conspiring in your favor, even if you can’t see a clear path right now, and why opening your arms to the unknown is the secret to living the life of your dreams.

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  • The reasons why I love the unknown.
  • Why you must embrace the great unknown if you want to live the life of your dreams.
  • The benefits of believing the universe is always conspiring in your favor.
  • How to stop being passive about going after what you want.




I’m Kym Showers and this is Reinvented After 40, episode number 114, The Great Unknown.

Welcome to the Reinvented After 40 podcast. I am your host, Kym Showers, and I’m a certified life coach for women in the second half of life. Each week I’ll bring you direct advice and inspiring, practical wisdom to help you live your very best life and create a future you’re absolutely obsessed with. It’s going to be fun, let’s get started.

Hello, my beautiful friends, out in podcast land. How are you today? It is Thursday morning and the date is November 9th. It is Thursday, November 9th. And I had my awesome magical retreat last weekend. And I am still on a high because of it. It was even better than I ever could have imagined. And that’s what I feel like my life is. It just is better than I can even imagine.

And I titled this The Great Unknown, because now that I have experienced being a coach for the last six years. This is the thing that is known is what our brains are all afraid of in the second half of life. Of course we want to feel safe. And feeling safe means that we know what to expect, things that we can control. But I’m telling you the great unknown is so much more fun and so much more thrilling and so much more exciting. We can make our plans and then just know that whatever the universe delivers to us is perfect and even better than anything we could have come up with.

And that’s what I experience all the time. So I just release all attachments to how things are supposed to go and just know I’ve got me no matter what. So I can just walk into the future and walk into my great life not knowing how things are going to go and be totally excited about it and know it’s all going to be amazing. And that’s how it always turns out. So I just want to offer you that thought that the unknown is great. We want to think about our future that way.

We want to just open up our arms and just walk bravely into our future and the great unknown because it’s so much better than any small, little life that we can just have control of. We have us and we build our capacity to do hard things, we welcome hard things. We invite hard things as far as that are going to give us a good back end. So to live a life of our dreams, you guys, we have to think of the unknown as great. That we are headed somewhere. We are working towards something.

And it’s not going to be what we think it is. It’s going to even be better, that I can tell you from experience, oh my gosh and especially 2023. This has been more than anything I could have imagined on January 1st when I was just studying my intentions and my goals and just really working so hard at everything. And now I can sit here on Thursday, November 9th, 2023, and tell you this has been the year of my life. And honestly, this has been the week of my life. It’s been incredible this week.

So two things. My retreat was over the top, marvelous, wonderful, magical. We were all so elevated. And I tell you, I have grown my self-concept in such a way that I’m just so proud of the coach I am, the teacher I am, the host I am of these retreats now. And I’ve already started planning my next one in May. So you can just save the dates. It’s going to be May 2nd through 4th, 2024 in Avila Beach, California as well. I will have all new content. And it will even be more magical if that’s even possible, than this was this week.

And the reason I know that is because this one was more magical than the first one, and the first one I thought, I don’t even know how I can beat this and I did. So if you’re on my mailing list, on my Friday email that goes out tomorrow. I sent out a couple of the videos. I hired a photographer and a videographer. And he just sent me some short videos of the retreat. He had a drone. They’re just these little movies that are so inspiring and so beautiful. And that’s how I felt the entire two and a half days of that retreat was.

The women just are incredible. My clients are incredible, you guys. And I want you all to be my clients. But when we’re together, we are unstoppable, undeniable. We are just, we’re learning, we’re growing, we’re questioning everything. And we’re just strengthening every single cell in our body and learning how to really manage our minds and manage our emotions and have so much authority over all of it to learn to be the boss of all of it. And to know our emotions and our mind, we can really direct, that we never have to be overcome by them. It’s really life changing and it’s so empowering.

So the retreat was top notch on a scale of one to ten, it was by far a 20 or a 100. It was extremely bougie. I just did every single extra thing that I could think of to honor my clients and just make their experience magical. And they all said it just blew their minds and that was my goal. So yay me, I love that, and yay them for showing up for themselves. I love them so much. I am just in awe of my clients. I’m in awe of their growth and their tenacity and their focus and their willingness to be vulnerable and to do the work day after day, week after week.

And I just see so much evolution in them and so much progress and if you’re listening and you’re my client, you know that I know this about you. So it’s just always my joy and honor, privilege to be your coach, so much joy in my life. And then early Monday morning, so I was planning on taking a few days off just to rest and get caught up and take care of myself of course because I’m so good at that. And Monday morning, I went to the 5:00am Orangetheory class. Retreat was over Saturday evening.

By the time I got home and got kind of wrapped up and got my bath and laid on my couch. And then Sunday I use as a kind of a catch up day. I have laundry to do and groceries to buy and all of that. And then five o’clock Monday morning I went to Orangetheory and it was so fun.

And then on my way home from Orangetheory, which was 6:05, my daughter calls me on the phone and I’ve told you she’s pregnant and I just kept telling her, “Okay, you can have that baby after the retreat. You cannot have that baby any time November 2nd, 3rd or 4th. That baby can come after the retreat. Well, he wasn’t even due. She was scheduled for a C-Section on the 17th of November and I really thought that he would just hang out and come on the 17th.

But I think he heard me, my little grandbaby boy, say, “Well, you can come any time after November 4th.” So actually she started labor early in the morning on Monday morning and so I just went directly to their house to be with Dolly and Goldie and they went to the hospital and she had that baby boy on November 6th. So we have a perfect, beautiful, darling little baby boy. And Mama and baby are doing beautifully, and they’re actually coming home from the hospital today.

She was at, gosh, an amazing hospital in San Luis Obispo and they just took such good care of them. And so Goldie and Dolly’s other grandma and I have been tag teaming the two girls. And it’s just been so much fun to be with those girls this week. And we got to go up and see the baby and mommy and daddy and so that was such a fun time. And I’ve been taking Goldie, picking her up from school and taking her to school. And it’s just been such a treat to get to be a part of her little school life because I wasn’t up until now.

So got to meet all her little friends and her friends’ mommies and it just has been such a joyful week. But I did tell Jeff this morning, I go, “Do not expect anything from me this weekend. Do not ask anything of me. I’m going to do anything I can to help the millions this weekend, but other than that I’m going to be taking care of myself. I’m not going to be thinking about anyone but the millions and me.” So he goes. “Okay, I got it.”

So I just want you to know that is what’s going on with me. It has been an insane week of pure delight and joy. I am exhausted as I should be and want to be, but a very happy tired. But I do want you to know, I did not expect that this week. And so much happens in life that we do not expect that we think we’re ready for it, but man, when we are self-aware, when we are self-confident, when we’ve done the work to where we have healthy bodies, we have healthy habits, we know how to manage our thoughts and emotions.

Really, anything can happen in the great unknown and we do not have to be dramatic about any of it. We can just welcome it and go, “Okay, what do I do next? What’s the next thing? I got this. It’s totally fine. So I found myself just taking it kind of a minute at a time, an hour at a time this week. Juggling a lot of things and just deciding if something falls through the crack, totally fine, no one’s going to die. It’s all going to be okay. So my clients have been patient with me. I had to cancel some and some I got to coach and everybody was just totally fine with it.

Of course I have a new baby grand boy, so I can’t tell you his name yet, but you can imagine it is the cutest name you will ever hear. It is just absolutely perfect and he’s so perfect and I’m just so proud of my girl. I love her so much. The best mama, literally, you guys, she was born to be a mom. Over the moon, just over the moon, we’re just so in love. We just feel so lucky. Oh, my goodness. I don’t know that it gets any better than this, this life is absolutely amazing.

But I do want to encourage you this morning, if you do not have a life coach, I want to be your life coach. And every single one of my clients would tell you, “Hire Kym Showers to be your life coach.” I am the best life coach there is and these retreats are just life changing and it’s exactly where you need to be. And one of my newest clients came, her name is Julie and she goes, “Kym, it just changed my life.” And she goes, “It blew my mind. It was so much better than anything I have ever experienced before.” So she just said that yesterday.

So I just want you to know, that’s how good it is. And it’s so worthwhile. And I’m so excited that I started them and that I’m so committed to them, believe so much in them. Because it’s important for us women in the second half of life to be in rooms together with other women who are absolutely changing their lives, who are building healthy habits, who are starting businesses. And still learning how to manage thoughts and emotions when they come up so that you never quit on yourself, ever, ever, ever.

And honestly, that’s my superpower. I never quit on myself. I was listening to The Life Coach School’s podcast this morning, Brooke Castillo. Oh, my gosh, her podcast, you guys, episode that came out today is 499. So next week will be her 500th episode of her podcast. And she was my very first life coach and so I’m so proud of her and I’ve kept my eye on her. We’re very different as far as the way we live our lives and the way we think. But she’s the one that introduced me to the idea that has served me so well, that my thoughts create my emotions and nothing outside of me does.

And that literally, you guys, changed my entire trajectory of my life. I really did think that people created my emotions. But no, I know they don’t, and nothing outside of me creates my emotions, I do. So I have learned how to create my own emotions. But she was talking this morning about how she fights for what she wants. And it was such a good episode. And I was thinking that is me too. I just fight for what I want and I know I’ve been telling you like a dog with a bone. I do not give up.

And I just want you to know it’s important to get what you want, do not be passive about it. Go get what you want. And the more you practice doing that, you never quit on yourself, you never give up on yourself and you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you keep moving the needle forward. You will create a life that you are absolutely obsessed with like I am. And that is what is in the great unknown for you if you think about it like that, that it is great. Everything ahead of you, the universe, is always conspiring in your favor.

Do not believe your brain when it just offers you self-doubt. I’m telling you, you have to just let those thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky without attaching to them, do not believe them anymore. I do not believe my thoughts of self-doubt. It doesn’t mean my brain doesn’t offer them to me, but I’m just not attaching to them. I have bigger, better thoughts. I know myself and believe in myself at such a level that I just kind of ignore the thoughts that aren’t serving me. And I just attach to the thoughts that are serving me.

So the thought that everything ahead of me, I’m in the rushing river and there’s just this big, vast unknown. I’m just calling it the great unknown. It is great and everything is for me and will work out to my benefit especially because I’m thinking of it like that and that’s how it’s always been. And at 62, I am just thriving and so happy with my life and the road that I’m choosing every single day. And that’s what I talked a lot about this weekend with my clients at the retreat.

I gave them their planners called Plan Tomorrow, Today and just told them the power of that planner. If they stick with it every single day for six months, they will trust themselves at a totally different level. They will have a self-concept that’s so different than what they have now. And that’s what we always want to do is keep telling a new fresh, better story about ourselves and that is our self-concept. The more we follow through on what we told ourselves we were going to do and create better habits, better sleeping habits, better eating habits, better work habits, because work is so fun.

Work is so awesome. You can create so much when you’re willing to work at it and work at it and work at it until it’s finished. And you don’t procrastinate, but you get up every day and you follow your planner. And I even set my phone on the timer of the planner and that’s what I encourage all my clients to do. And you just follow that, you obey the planner for six months, your whole life is different, 100% guarantee it. And so I’ve been doing this for a lot of years now. And obviously I have a lot to show for that.

So anyways, you guys, I hope you’ve had a stunning week like I have. I hope your life is so full of joy. I want you to come work with me right now. You still, while supplies last, you still get a Plan Tomorrow, Today planner if you sign up right now in November for my January group. You will also get a couple of other bonuses. And I have plenty of space for you. The group is amazing, definitely put on your calendar May 2nd through 4th, it’s Thursday through Saturday of 2024 to come to the Kym Showers retreat. That will be the retreat of a lifetime and will change everything about your life.

And also the six months of coaching and so much more, it happens every month in that coaching container. You will just love it so much. And you’ll find your people, I promise you, your people are here working with me. We’re all very top notch, very fabulous women and very high achieving women, so you belong with us.

Okay, my friend, I love you so much. Just over here celebrating a very successful retreat and even better than that, a beautiful brand new grandbaby boy who I’m madly in love with. So I’m madly in love with you as well. Thanks for showing up today to this wonderful podcast called Reinvented After 40, which I’m also madly in love with. And have a marvelous week and I will talk to you next Thursday.

If you love this podcast, I invite you to come work with me. Go to, sign up for my next group and retreat, and let’s create your dream life together.


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