Reinvented After 40 with Kym Showers | Rigorous Training

If you want to make 2024 the best year of your life, it’s going to take rigorous training. That sounds hard, but the word rigorous sounds delightful to me, and training is what we do when we want to push ourselves. So get ready for a year of rigorous training.

In 2024, you’re going to be mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger. In 12 months, you’re going to look back on the best year of your life. We start right now, the first week of January, it’s our year, and I’m giving you some ideas to make sure you make the most of this opportunity to start again with a clean slate.

Everything is possible for you this year. We can excel at anything we want when we train, so tune in this week to start your rigorous training for 2024. I’m showing you how to recognize the ways your brain tries to keep you stuck, and I’m giving you some new thoughts to try on so you can achieve anything you want with clarity and consistency this year.

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  • Why talent doesn’t matter when you’ve done the right training.
  • How your brain will offer you useless thoughts as you go after new goals this year.
  • Some new thoughts to train your brain with in 2024.
  • Why you are capable of achieving anything you want in 2024.
  • How to train to stay mentally, physically, and emotionally fit this year.



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I am Kym Showers and this is Reinvented After 40, episode 121, Rigorous Training.

Welcome to the Reinvented After 40 podcast. I am your host, Kym Showers, and I’m a certified life coach for women in the second half of life. Each week I’ll bring you direct advice and inspiring, practical wisdom to help you live your very best life and create a future you’re absolutely obsessed with. It’s going to be fun, let’s get started.

Hey, my friends out in podcast land, Happy 2024. I have never been more excited about a new year. I am not joking, I’m not kidding, I love thinking about everything I’m going to create in 2024 and I want you to think like that too. We’re going to make this the very best year of our life and we’re going to do that by going into rigorous training. The word ‘rigorous’ is just delightful to me. I love that word. I had declared that my word of the year a month or two ago. I think I may have even told my clients at retreat that my word for 2024 was going to be rigorous.

And I love thinking about training because, you guys, training is what we’re in. We’re just going to put ourselves for this year, this new year into a life of training, of rigorous training. So we want to be mentally stronger. We want to be emotionally stronger. And we want to be physically stronger in the year 2024. We want to be able to say at the end of the year, “This was by far the best year of my life.” And I promise you this is how, my friend, we start right now the first week of January 2024. We put ourselves in training and we declare it our year of rigorous training. This is how we’re going to do it.

I’m going to give you some ideas right now. I want to motivate you, inspire you, encourage you to know that everything is possible for you this year. It is not talent that you’re lacking. It isn’t about talent at all. What you’re lacking is training. You know what we get good at? We get good when we practice something. We get good at whatever we want to get good at when we train at it, when we go into the week with our calendar and we have it on our planner every day what we’re going to practice every single day.

And it might be some new thoughts that you want to practice like, I am enough. I have what it takes. I can do hard things. I can take my fear with me. If I have sweaty armpits, this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Whatever makes me afraid is what I’m supposed to be doing, thoughts like that. That’s what I think. So these are all thoughts. So just know that your brain offers you very un-useful thoughts. And so this year in our rigorous training to get mentally fit, we are going to let go of thoughts that are not useful for us.

Any thoughts that you have that are keeping you stuck that might sound like you’re too old, you’re too tired, this isn’t the right time, I can’t afford it. Anything like that is nonsense. Those are not useful because you can afford to do anything you really decide to do. Anything that serves your future self, anything that’s going to get you mentally fit, emotionally fit, and physically fit you can 100% afford to do if you really want to, if you decide to, if you really commit to. And your commitment and clarity and consistency will lead you to that.

We’re going to get rid of un-useful thoughts and we’re going to pick up a lot more useful thoughts to think, because our thoughts drive our actions and our emotions drive our actions. Once we take action with the feelings of motivation and encouragement and inspiration, when we have those feelings in our body, when we have optimistic feelings in our body, we are going to take action on our goals. So that is why we have to think useful thoughts. We have to be mentally fit.

We have to clean out our brain daily like we clean out our fridge, like we empty our dishwasher, like we go through our closet and get rid of things that don’t fit us and are outdated and that are uncomfortable and that aren’t serving us anymore and that we don’t feel beautiful in. So we want thoughts that we feel beautiful in and that are going to get us where we want to go. And that’s what I call mentally fit and that’s the way I coach. That’s why you have to come and get in my January group.

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We’re all working on the same things, and you need to be in this group. Go to my website, just immediately sign up for the group. There’s only one offer and you will hear from me to today. And I will get the things in the mail that you need. You need your beautiful workbook that’s going to be so useful for you. That’s going to keep you mentally fit, emotionally fit, physically fit.

And you’re going to get your yearly planner, your six month planner that I’m going to teach you how to use to your benefit, so much to your benefit, so that you stay mentally fit, emotionally fit and physically fit for 2024. So don’t miss this opportunity to get in this January group. This is the best group. I want you in it. Get this year off and running and come to my May retreat. The group is going to blow your mind and the retreat is going to blow your mind. So do not miss it.

Put yourself first in your life and let’s go into a life of rigorous training together. It is so much easier, so much more powerful, so much more fun when you have a coach and you want me, Kym Showers to be your coach. I will work with you every single week in this group. I’m the one that will coach you. And you’re going to have this community of support, this beautiful community of support that you’re going to absolutely thrive in. And the people in your life are going to go, “What in the world happened to you, girlfriend? I love this new version.”

So I want you to have the energy I have and this is so available to you when you learn the skills and tools of managing your mind and creating the emotions in your life that are super useful for you. That will help you to take action where you need to take action. And these three things, mentally, emotionally, physically are the key to you having the absolute best year of your life. So it’s not talent, it’s training. It’s rigorous training. So I’ve always been in a life of training. So I’m always training, training, training, training.

This is how I think about every day. All of my habits are really useful, amazing, top notch, very impressive habits that I have at 62 years old that keep me mentally, emotionally and physically fit every single day. This is my dream life. This will become your dream life. I plan my tomorrows today and then I get up every single morning and I show up 100% for myself. Because I’m the most important person in my life so I never let myself down.

I show up 100% for myself when I do every single thing on my planner for today. When it says record your podcast at seven in the morning, I sit my butt down on my chair and I record this podcast for you at seven in the morning. So I just want you to know this is what happens when you come and work with me. I put you in a life of rigorous training that is going to benefit you so much. It’s going to up-level your life. Every single week you’re going to have aha moments where you’re going to go, “Oh, my gosh.” And it really is just clarity, commitment and consistency that you are training in.

So you do what you say you’re going to do. You focus on the things you have control of. So the things we have control of are really just two things, you guys, this is super easy. So you have control of you, that’s it. You don’t really have control of the things outside of you. So you have control of you, which means that you have control over who you are becoming. So if you want to become the highest version of yourself, you have control over that. And the second thing is you have control of how you show up every day, what energy you show up with every day.

You have 100% control of that. It is not outside of you, even though your brain tries to tell you it’s outside of you, 100% it’s not outside of you. You can show up as the highest version of yourself, your best self with the energy you want to bring to you and your life and your people and your job and to the world every single day. Those two things, number one, who you’re becoming, you have control of. So we go into this life of rigorous training, this year of rigorous training. We just take it one day at a time. We break it down one day at a time.

We show up for ourselves every morning and we do what we say we’re going to do. We show up as our best self and then we keep becoming her. Those are the two things, that’s it. That’s our job this year. This is our training this year. So we stay in our own lane. We drop un-useful thoughts. We pick up useful thoughts. And that just has to do with what our job is. We’re not thinking about what other people are doing. We’re not thinking about what other people are thinking. We’re not thinking about what other people are saying.

We’re thinking about what we’re thinking. We’re thinking about what we’re saying. We’re thinking about how we’re feeling. We’re thinking about how we’re showing up, what we’re doing every day. And then we practice, practice, practice, practice being who we said we’re going to be, being who we want to be, being our highest self. Showing up for ourselves before we show up for anyone else. This is the life of training that will give us the absolute best year of our life and I 100% guarantee it my friend.

I am 62 years old. There is nothing new under the sun. I’m not surprised by anything going on outside of me. I am not worried about the economy. I’m not worried about anything. I am so busy building my own beautiful life and that is a very positive, valuable, optimistic ripple effect to the rest of the world. This is our business. This is our job. This will give us our dream life. We are in a life of training my friend. We’re going to continue to train our mind, that’s our goal. We’re going to train our emotions, that’s our goal. And we’re going to train our body, that’s our goal every single day.

There is so much joy in this way of living. So really this is how I think about my cycle of work and rest. So I perform, let’s call it, totally the life of training that I live. So my performance days are when I’m coaching and when I’m on video, I’m performing. And then I have my rest days after that and then after my rest days I have my training days after that. So I’m training, I’m performing and I’m resting. I’m training, I’m performing, I’m resting. I’m training, I’m performing, I’m resting. And there’s just a pretty much equal amount of all of that.

And even in the performing, that is part of the training. So when we’re working, I’m calling that our performing days but that’s our training days too. We’re constantly in this life of training but I take long rests. You know how I am about my sleep. So sleeping is so necessary when we’re up-leveling our life. I love my sleep, at least 8/9/10 hours of sleep every single night. I’ll take a whole day off and just lay on the couch and watch, well, now I’m watching Eras movie. I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of that.

But I’m recording this obviously in the month of December and so I’ve been on my rest days, if I have restful evenings before I go to bed, but I do go to bed at seven o’clock every night. I get up at 3:45 every morning. That’s part of my training and part of my performing. It’s part of every part of my up-leveled life. So we have equal parts performing, we have equal parts rest and we have equal parts training. But I call it all a life of training for my best life.

And I am just getting started because my best life hasn’t happened yet. My best days haven’t happened yet. My best years haven’t happened yet. They’re all ahead of me. And so I’m in the life of training for that. I want to pass this kind of energy on to you. I want you to know that I’m not worried about anything, I’m not. I know how to focus my mind on the things that are useful for me. And this has been six years of rigorous training to get here and I want you to know it has been the work of my life.

It is the best decision I ever made to become a life coach and to go in this life of training. When I was thinking about this episode, I want you to have that as your mindset for the rest of the year. If you’re a woman in your 40s, 50s, if you’re a woman in your 60s like I am, if you’re a woman in your 70s and beyond, I want us to be in this beautiful, powerful, energetic life of rigorous training. It’s the best life. It is so much fun.

And I love my relationships. I’m obsessed with my people and I don’t worry about them. I’m not thinking about them, but I love being with them and I love being in a relationship with them. It’s a whole different level of being in a relationship with the people that we love the most, and I can teach you how to do that. I can teach you how to do all of this. So coaching is for you. Coaching will change your life. Coaching has changed my life over and over and over a million times. I keep reinventing myself. My life keeps getting better and more expansive.

And I just love the whole journey with every ounce of my being and I want you to be able to say the same thing. So happy, happy, happy New Year, my beautiful friend out in podcast land. Thank you so much for showing up today. Take this last opportunity to join my January group, which starts next Tuesday January 9th at 9:00 o’clock a.m. California time and your life will never be the same, I 100% guarantee it. You’ll have just a whole different view of yourself and your entire life and your entire future and it’s just the best way to live. Alright, I love you. I’ll see you next Thursday.

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