Reinvented After 40 with Kym Showers | Let Go of the Old to Make Room for the New

What do you wish you had more of right now? Is it confidence, direction, time, money, or love? Maybe you want it all. Do you ever wonder what the secret is to finally creating a life you’re obsessed with?

As women in the second half of life, this is our time to step up and show the world exactly what we’re capable of. That means we have to stop dragging the past along with us and finally let go of the old so we can create space and energy for all the things we want in our future. This is the skill that will make the biggest difference for us, and I’m showing you how.

Tune in this week as I invite you to let go of the old to make more room for everything you truly desire. I’m showing you what happens when you cling to things that are no longer serving you, what letting go of the old might look like for you, and how your entire life can change when you learn to burn it all down to create space for something new.

My 6-month group coaching program is officially open for enrollment! We get started on August 1st, 2023. But if you can’t wait that long, I have a couple of spots opening up for 1:1 coaching, so click here to get in touch and secure your spot.


  • Why learning the skill of letting go will make the biggest difference in the second half of life.
  • What happens when you cling to things that are no longer serving you.
  • How your entire life can change when you let go of the old.
  • What letting go of the old to make room for the new might look like for you.



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I am Kym Showers, and this is Reinvented After 40, episode number 98: Let Go of the Old to Make Room for the New.

Hey, friends. Welcome to Reinvented After 40, a podcast for all you women in the second half of life who are ready to take responsibility for your own well-being and create a life you love living.

I’m your host, Kym Showers, and after spending the first 40 years of my life people-pleasing and following all the rules, I was exhausted and ready for a change. I reinvented myself. I stopped outsourcing my happiness. And I’ve been brave enough to live a different kind of life.

I’ll be here each week to help you do the same thing. It’s going to be fun. Let’s go.

Hey, my friends, welcome back to my show. How are you today? Oh, my gosh, I am having the best week. My new website launched on Monday and it is everything and more than I could have dreamt of. I actually have been dreaming of this website for a while now, I would say, a couple of years, I’ve started thinking about a new website. But you know what I decided? I had to burn down the old one. And I wasn’t quite ready up until now just to let that go completely, to create this new website.

And that’s what we have to get good at, you guys, is just letting go in the second half of life. I think that is the skill that’s going to make the biggest difference for us moving forward, letting go of the old to make room for all the things we want to create for us in the future. So that’s what’s happened with this website. And I was telling my groups this week that I watched my brain on Monday when this new website came up. We had been working on it for seven weeks. So I was anticipating this launch day and I wasn’t thinking about my old website. I was just so focused on this new one.

And then on Monday when this came up, I realized there’s so many things I have to learn because this is a totally different, I don’t know what you call it, but platform. It’s on a different website platform so technically it operates totally different than my first website, than my old website. So on Monday my brain was like, oh my gosh, this is going to be hard. Look at the old website. Look how easy the old website was. You know how to do that old website. I was watching the conflict in my brain on Monday, which is so normal.

And then my highest self took over and I was like, “This is so awesome. This comes with the new thing.” I thanked my old website for being so perfect for me for the first six years or five years of my coaching business. It was exactly what I needed, but it stopped representing this newest version of myself and this newest version of my business, and where I’m headed. So I have to let that, even though it feels so familiar and it feels so comfortable and it feels so safe, that old website has to go, I have to delete it.

And take that energy that my brain was wanting to focus on the old website, take all of that brain energy and that emotional energy and thank the old thing for providing exactly what I needed to get me here to this spot. And then burn it down, let it go and take all that energy and focus it on this brand new beautiful website. So guys, if you haven’t discovered it yet, go to It is so darling, so colorful, so fun, so full of energy exactly like me and my program.

And everything that you’re wanting in your life, that is what I wanted it to represent, a lot of positive optimistic energy, all of our potential for those of us who are wanting to reinvent ourselves in the second half of life and move forward. And here’s what I want to remind you of today. This is what joining my group, which starts August 1st next week. It is on Tuesdays at noon California time and there is still a spot for you, I want you to know. And this is such a special group of women, you’re going to love it so much.

But what happens in this group every week, I teach you a tool. I teach you an idea. I teach you a new practice. And it will be exactly what you need to learn for the week. I teach you that right off the bat, in the hour that we meet together. We meet at the same time every week for 25 weeks for one hour. And then you take that tool and you start practicing that tool and you may even get coached on that call. The call is like the old Brady Bunch where we’re just all on screen together in our little squares. And we get to know each other really well.

And then you’re going to get to know everybody even better on a totally different level. And you’re going to get to know all the women from all of my groups when you come to the retreat starting November 2nd. So I have this amazing retreat planned for you, for all of my clients, November 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Avila Beach, California at the most darling boutique hotel that’s right there on the water. It is just magical. I provide everything for you, all the meals, everything for you, except for the room. That’s on you and your travel here.

So you will just be loved on. You will be supported. You will have your own room so you’ll have time away. But we will have a lot of time together and it will be very encouraging, life changing, a total reset for you with any goal that you would want to create for yourself. So that’s just such a bonus in this program that I offer for women in the second half of life. Not very many coaches offer as much as I offer, so much value for the price that you pay.

So I just encourage you to stop hesitating. I know you’re on the fence, but I want you to go all in on you. You’ll be so glad you did, I’m 100% sure of that. So go to my brand new website and I give you so many buttons to push, join here in the bright pink rectangle, join here. Go all in on this group. You’ll fit right in and your whole life will change, even the minute that you make the decision, yeah, I am ready. I don’t normally do this for myself, and I know I need to do this for myself.

That’s what we all struggle with is just putting ourselves first. And that’s what we need to do to create a life that we’re absolutely obsessed with. We have to let go of the old thoughts, the old habits, the old ways of doing things, of showing up to our life. And we have to burn it down so that we can make room for a bunch of new ideas and new habits and new practices, new relationships even.

So this is so important and such a good way to move forward so we’re not dragging anything with us from the past that’s keeping us slowed down. But we’re actually creating space and energy for ourselves to get up every day to create something new, something that feels maybe a little scary, a little uncomfortable. You guys, we have so much potential for our future, for us, the 40 year olds, the 50 year olds, the 60 year olds, the 70 year olds. We’re in the second half of life and we have so much yet to tap into. We have so much potential for us.

It’s not just the teenagers and the 20 year olds and the 30 year olds, it’s for us, I promise you. I change into the next version of myself almost daily. I’m always changing my mind about things. I’m so willing to let go of anything that’s not serving me anymore and I’m just so aware of it. So that’s a tool that you’re going to get really good at letting go and picking up the new thing, letting go and picking up the new thing and getting comfortable with that exchange.

So we tend to cling to things that are comfortable that are no longer serving us. And when we do that, we have no space to receive the new thing that’s waiting for us. I always tell you, the universe is constantly working in our favor, constantly wanting to bring to us all the goodness. And if we’re not willing to receive it because we’re so bogged down with all the old things, with all the clutter in our brain and physically in our life, our thoughts create our reality, our thoughts become things. So we want something spacious and light moving forward.

So I have just gotten really good at that, the steps to that are just starting with awareness, acceptance and then the change, the letting go, the burning down. I’m not going to do that ever again. So the letting go would be no more people pleasing, learning the tools to stop people pleasing, being brave enough. The letting go would be no more needing to control your grown kids, learning how to do that, setting boundaries.

The letting go would be no more putting yourself last, but actually being brave enough to put yourself first, getting comfortable, being uncomfortable doing that. The letting go would be no more bad habits but filling your life with good habits so that there’s no space for bad habits. The letting go would be no more worrying about other people’s opinions. This is such a big one where we build our self-confidence in such a way. We trust our own opinion so profoundly that other people’s opinions are about them and not about us.

The letting go would be no more self-doubt. The self-doubt is just our lower brain on repeat trying to keep us safe, trying to keep us comfortable. So it’s always offering us thoughts like you can’t do that, that’s for someone else, you’re too old, you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough. All of those are just nonsense. Those are not true and when we can realize that we can let go of those thoughts. Those are just thoughts that are not necessary for us and are not useful. So we learn to let those self-doubt thoughts go once we become aware that they’re just simply thoughts and not true.

So we learn to let go of being past focused and we learn to be future focused instead, present and future focused. We learn to retrain our brain to come back to the present moment and to look at our future and create what we want for our future. We build a relationship with our future self. The letting go means no more regrets. We have our own back. We make our decisions from a place of self-confidence. And we don’t second guess it once we’ve made our decision.

And that allows us to let go of regrets. Regrets are not necessary at all, and definitely not useful. We let go of money problems because our money problems are made up in our mind. So money is simply energy and once we learn to think about money, we change our money mindset. We change our money thoughts, we shift our money mindset to be more abundant. And we realize money never has to be a problem again unless I want to make it a problem. It’s all created in our mind. Then we simply start creating more money for ourselves.

Anything that we want to create as far as energy goes, which money is energy, there is an abundance of money. Just because I make a lot of money doesn’t take away from you being able to make a lot of money. There’s plenty of money for all of us to make. And I truly believe, you guys, that women in the second half of life, this is our time to really step up and show the world that we’re capable of not having money problems, of not thinking of money in a scarce way. That we have plenty of money and there’s plenty of money to create for us.

And we’re very capable of doing that. We are the ones. This is our time. So no more money problems. And then to realize that once we change our mindset, we take control of our life and we start having fun. That’s what we all want. I will teach you how to do all of those things.

I will teach you how to let go of the old habits and practices and thoughts that you have been carrying with you for the first half of your life to make room for more life, more confidence, more direction, clarity, more energy. More time, more money, more love, more self-trust, more rest on purpose, more fun, more productivity, more motivation, more inspiration, more style, more beauty. Create a self-concept, a richer story about yourself in your mind, the way that you show up for yourself every day. This is my genius, more excitement about your future.

So we’re never in a hurry, there’s no pressure, there’s no rush. We’re just letting go with ease and we’re picking up the new habits with ease and excitement with ease. So this is what we create for ourselves. This is what your potential is. This is what’s possible for us in the second half of life, I promise you. I want you to come join my August 1st group. Do it right now, grab your spot and begin this new journey that you will absolutely love. You will grow your capacity to trust yourself, to do hard things, to feel all the feelings. You won’t deny yourself opportunities anymore.

You’ll say yes to all the things that you want to say yes to. And you’ll say no to all the things that you want to say no to. You’ll trust your intuition and you’ll just keep moving forward with excitement and with ease. That’s what I teach. That’s what every woman in all of my groups, this is what they create for themselves, and they’ll all tell you that. And we have so much fun together. We get super tight, we get super close and it’s just an amazing community of women. I just get all the best clients. Sorry, all other coaches, but I get all the best women.

So if you are the best woman and you want to be in a room full of best women, I want you to say yes to yourself. Come grab that spot in my August group.

And let me answer some questions that you might have about the group. So we meet for six months for one hour on Zoom. So if you have to miss, that session is recorded and you get that session. So even if you have to miss the session, it’s not a problem. You will get so much coaching from the recording that I send you immediately. Everybody gets their recordings within 24 hours of the session.

So if you’re on the session and you’re getting coached, you will also receive a recording of that session so you can go back and listen to it and watch it as many times as you want to. And you just get coached over and over and over just watching the recording. It’s so powerful and so useful and so helpful and we meet for 25 straight weeks, unless something comes up, a lot of times during that six months that we’re together I have a mastermind.

So every once in a while we have to skip a week, but it usually only happens once or twice. And if it’s a holiday, we’ll skip that week. But you get the 25 sessions, it just goes on the back end of the six months. So you get lots of coaching. If you’re a brand new client and we have a group of 10 or more you automatically get a one-on-one session with me once a month so that I get to know you. And I get to spend some extra time with you, if we have groups of 10 or more. So that’s an added extra bonus.

And then the retreat details, we will have a dinner. We’ll meet on November 2nd, which is a Thursday evening. We have a really beautiful welcome dinner together. So we’ll get to know each other that night. And then Friday morning, we start our sessions. We’ll have a three hour session on Friday. I provide breakfast for you in our beautiful room. It’ll be very colorful with balloons and flowers and happiness. You’ll love being in the room. And then I’ll teach you. I’ll coach you for that first session. Then we have an afternoon session. I’ll teach you and coach you.

And then we’ll have dinner together. I’m not sure if we’ll have dinner together at my house or somewhere else but definitely we’ll have dinner together on Friday night. And then Saturday is our last day and we’ll meet for breakfast. We’ll meet for our first session. We’ll have lunch together and then we’ll have a second session in the afternoon but it will be cut short for those of you that want to skedaddle early. It’ll probably go to about three o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday.

So if you need to catch a flight out on Saturday, or if you’re in California and you just drive, you’ll be able to leave Saturday afternoon. But if not, so many of the women just stay the night on Saturday night and catch their flight on Sunday. Everyone that stayed the night on Saturday night in May, my last retreat, my first retreat actually, they all met for dinner in Downtown SLO, I heard they had the best time.

So I just want you to know, it’s such a beautiful motivating weekend. You’ll feel so inspired and so connected and so loved. And you’ll be so glad you joined this August group because the next group after the August group will start in September, you guys, but it’s only for alumni. So if you’re someone that hasn’t worked with me yet, grab this August group. I don’t want you to miss the opportunity to work with me and come to the retreat in November. So that starts next week on Tuesday at noon, so get your spot today, August 1st is when it starts.

So get your spot today because I think this episode comes out on the last Thursday of July. Alright, that’s what I have for you today. I love you so much. Be aware of the things you’re clinging onto, holding onto that are not serving you anymore. Be willing to let those go, that includes stuff. It’s time to clean out closets. It’s time to clean out storage units. It’s time to clean out garages.

It’s time to declutter so that you can have spaciousness in your life for this newest version of you to move forward. It’s such a good time. It is the best life, and I am here always to encourage you to do that. Alright, I love you so much for showing up today. Have a beautiful, magnificent week and I will talk to you next week.

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