Bike Crawl.

It all started with an idea that turned into an invitation that began a tradition. First-weekend-of-summer 2nd Annual Olde Stockdale Bike Crawl. We have a young group of mom's in this neighborhood who are planners & thinkers & dreamers and know how to throw a shindig. I'm eternally grateful to be invited because I obviously love a party more than LIFE. I especially like one that involves riding my bike with a basket full of daisies through the MOST MAGICAL NEIGHBORHOOD ON PLANET EARTH! Jeff & I began peddling down Fairway Drive around 5:00 enroute to the Woodward's on Mt. Whitney. A happy buzz in the air and bikes coming in from all directions. Parked bikes line up and collect around the driveway and we meander through the fairytale house to the wonderland backyard. New friends and old, meeting& greeting with hi's and how are you's and nice to finally meet you's! A sweet collection of people and matching t-shirts & laughter and spicy margaritas. An hour flew by, the bell rang  & off we paraded down Fairway to Tevis and the perfectly charming old-turned-new house of the Jamieson's. What a treat! Yummy food & delicious drinks and a dreamy house&yard to explore and enjoy. Next stop around the corner and sitting on Fairway Drive in all it's glory, the very-cool-mid-century-modern home of the very-cool-mid-century-modern-Brock family. All kinds of cute bikes piled on the cute driveway& boxes of delicious pizza piled in the extraordinary backyard along side tubs of cold wine and icy beer.  Also...tons more laughter and storytelling and picture taking. Such delight.

Last but certainly not least as day turned to night we rode to the very back of the neighborhood & our 4th and final destination. Block party St. Andrews style! The Dewars & Saikis &Neil/Ovanessians & Hornbuckles team-hosted the most perfect culmination to the most perfect evening. Party lights strung & darling vintage Dewars Ice Cream Bus parked & music playing.  Ice cream & donut holes and Starbucks coffee. Adirondack chairs, outdoor sofas, tables and firepit right in the middle of the street. The entire evening from start to finish was simply extraordinary because we live in a neighborhood that feels like a movie. So much generosity & kindness & sense of belonging.

The people in the houses around us are smart & fun & so worth getting to know. I feel super lucky to be a part of a neighborhood of families living their best life. Creating and unfolding and becoming & cheering for one another. Collaborating memories and moments to add to this gorgeous Olde Stockdale story that gets better by the day! Hooray for us all and a MILLION BILLION THANKYOU'S to the SPECTACULAR Bike Crawl Committee!!! You inspire parties everywhere. YAY YOU!