Momma to Grown-Ups.

I'm madly in love with my grown-up kids. I have the best possible situation as far as kids go. Riley is 28 and single. He lives in a beautiful apartment on the riviera in Santa Barbara. He's kind and funny and handsome and super successful. I admire him and really like the way he lives his life. We're friends and confidants. I love being his mom. My daughter Clancy is almost 26, is married to her dream guy and has a perfect baby girl named Goldie Valentine. They moved from Santa Barbara to Bakersfield a year ago and now she lives 10 minutes away from me. She is gorgeous and wise and confident and kind. We're best friends and I admire her so much. I love being her mom. My son-in-law Kyran is Clancy's husband and Goldie's daddy. He turned thirty in October and passed all of his exams to become a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch with my husband. He's also a musician and his band just released their first album. He has endless positive energy and is the kindest out of all of us. I admire him and I love being his mom-in-law. I really can't believe this is my life. It's all turned out way better than I thought it might.  I had such fear when they were teenagers. They didn't cooperate. They kept breaking all of the rules. They had their own ideas of what was right and wrong. They had different plans for what they wanted to do with their lives than I had for them. It was a challenging time for all of us. I thought they were headed down the wrong path. I was wrong. My mind caused me a lot of drama back then. They were just fine all along. Every choice they made, led them here. They are simply the coolest humans I know and they keep creating lives they love. I wish I wouldn't have wasted a minute worrying. They make me braver and for sure have been my best teachers. It's such fun being a part of their magic. No place I'd rather be than with them.

So relax, momma. You can calm down. Everything will be fine. Nothing has gone wrong. Let your kids enjoy their growing up years. Let them make their choices and big mistakes under your roof. When you send them out into the world, cheer them on and give them support and when they ask, give them advice. Trust that you did your job and they have good ideas. They don't have to do anything the way you did it. They'll surprise you with their determination, curiosity and resilience. Don't waste a minute of your precious mental energy worried about what might go wrong. Stop trying to fix them and simply delight in who they are and who they are becoming. Enjoy the heck out of them. They'll be your dream come true if you let them be.