Marriage Reimagined.

I'm a couple's coach. It's great fun. I help husbands and wives reimagine and reinvent their marriage. We start from wherever you are now and I help you get to where you both want to be. Forward growth. Forward movement. New ways of thinking. New ways of showing up. Every marriage is different. No two couple's look or feel or function the same. All marriages go through seasons. White hot in Summer. Dopamine at its highest. Every good, fun, crazy-in-love feeling. Fall comes and things start to cool off a bit. Things become a little more real and we get to know each other better. Little annoyances and irritations come up.  Natural progression leads us unto Winter. Winter seems to take us by surprise. This is when we have thoughts like "I married the wrong person." Or "He doesn't make me happy." Or "She doesn't meet my needs." It feels long and dark and cold and scary. Winter is when affairs happen. Winter is when divorces happen. And, tragically, some couple's get stuck in Winter the rest of their lives. The only good thing about Winter is that it has the potential to wake us up and move us into Spring. Winter gives us depth and appreciation when things get better. Winter teaches us that marriage is not always easy and things are meant to change. We are meant to change.

And that's why I think Spring is the best. Spring requires us to grow. To step up and be the highest version of ourselves. To learn and practice the skill of emotional adulthood. To take full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions and results. To stop blaming and feeling guilty. To start over and begin again. To reimagine and reinvent. I dwell in Springtime. I see all the possibility. Especially in marriage. There's always potential for something new. If you're having trouble seeing it, you just might have to use your imagination and maybe get a little help from a couple's coach:)


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