2019 Will Be Spectacular.

If you want different results this year,  you need to think different thoughts. Everything you do is because of the way you think. Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions and your actions determine your results. It really is that simple. If you want to make a change in your life you must begin with your thoughts. This is the very best news I can give you. You're welcome:) You may not be able to change your circumstances but you can always change your thinking. Let this year be the year of change. Let this be the year that you set your intention and you do the work to see it through. Let this be the year that you keep your promises to yourself. Let this be the year that you stop talking about it and stop worrying about it and you just get to work doing it. Anything you can imagine, you can become. Anything you can dream up for your life, you can create. You have everything you need right this minute to make any dream come true. Maybe you don't believe it. Maybe you think you're too old or maybe you think you're too young or maybe you think you're too stuck. Maybe you think you've made too many mistakes or you think you're not smart enough or you think you're not creative enough. Maybe you're worried about what other people might say or what other people might think or what other people might believe. I'm here to tell you none of that matters. Not one bit. Your one-and-only-life is your-one-only-life. This is it. This is all you get and you can do with it anything you want. A year goes fast. Decide right now that 2019 will be spectacular. Pick one thing you want to focus on and then go all in. Create a plan. Write it down and put it in order. Don't let your brain talk you out of it. Don't let other people's opinions talk you out of it. Don't make excuses. Ever. Do something each day that will move you closer to your goal. Plan on it not being easy and do it for your sake alone. Do it because you believe in yourself. Do it because you honor yourself. Do it because you love yourself. Do it because you don't want to waste another day of your life living small and waiting on someone else to change or waiting for permission or waiting for your kids to grow up or waiting for your money problems to disappear. You have control of you. That's it. You can change you. Nothing else has to change for 2019 to be spectacular. Changing you is going to be the best thing you've ever done. Trust me.

And so, my friend, what do you want? Do you know? Have you ever asked yourself that question and sat with yourself long enough to get a clear answer? If not...do it now. Decide what you want and get to work getting it. I have the tools to help. I coach women who want to live their very best lives. E-mail me for more information and we can work together. MAKE 2019 SPECTACULAR.....you've been given 8,760 hours to do it:) Tick Tock.